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Central Compact

Central Elementary School 

Parent*Teacher*Student*Principal Compact 


As a parent/caring adult, I will: 

  • Show respect and support for my child, his/her teachers and the school. 

  • Assure my child is at school on a daily basis. 

  • Monitor assignments and encourage homework completion. 

  • Read with my child every day. 

______________________________ ____________________ 

Parent’s Signature Date 


As a teacher, I will: 

  • Provide high quality instruction through various media. 

  • Keep in mind the children’s various learning styles when teaching. 

  • Communicate with parents about his/her child’s overall progress. 

  • Be available to students and parents to discuss student progress. 

______________________________ ____________________ 

Teacher’s Signature Date 


As a student, I will: 

  • Attend school daily. 

  • Work hard to always do my best on schoolwork. 

  • Complete all of my homework assignments and be prepared for school. 

  • Respect and cooperate with other students and adults. 

  • Read outside of school on a daily basis. 

______________________________ _____________________ 

Student’s Signature Date 


As the principal, I will support parent involvement.  Therefore, I will strive to provide: 

  • An environment that allows for positive communication among parents, students, and teachers. 

  • Opportunities for parents to be involved in the school and his/her child’s education. 

______________________________ ____________________ 

Principal’s Signature Date